Facts About Suicidal Ideation

April 28, 2017

Facts About Suicidal Ideation

In a continuation of the last blog post, we are going to talk some more about suicidal ideation.  There are a lot of myths and falsities that fly around about suicidal ideation and knowing them in the law enforcement world can help to prepare you to take on a difficult situation.

I want to first throw in the same disclaimer from last time.  I am not a medical professional.

Age Makes A Difference

This is a falsehood that I hear a lot.  People say that those that are suicidal are only within a certain age group and that simply isn’t true. I have seen people as early as their late teens for suicide and those who were over 70.  Age does not make someone invulnerable to suicidal ideation, it just sometimes changes the circumstances.  It also sometimes makes them sadder.

Only Those Who “Have It Bad” Are Suicidal

Another popular myth is that only people who have gotten the short end of the stick in life are suicidal.  Depression is a serious disorder that people from all walks of life suffer from.  There are also other triggers for suicide that anyone is prone to.  Losing a loved one or getting fired might be a trigger for some people.

At the same time, depression isn’t the only reason for suicide.  While it is sometimes a cause, alcohol accounts for 1 in every 3 successful suicides. Bipolar disorder, bullying, and others are also causes of suicide.

Suicide Rates

The highest rate of suicide in the United States comes during the spring time.  For some people this is because finals season has hit, for others it might be the change in weather.  There are a lot of theories behind it.

For those between the ages of 15 and 44, suicide is the third highest cause of death around the world.  

Many people believe that suicidal ideation is highest during the holidays/in December.  Winter time sees the least suicides of the year.

Suicidal Treatment

Did you know that about 50% of people in America with serious depression receive treatment?  Some of those are voluntary while others are involuntarily treated.  Between 80 and 90 percent of those who actively seek treatment for depression/suicidal ideation have a successful treatment according to a TAPS study.

Attempts Vs. Success

For every successful suicide there are about 25 attempts.  For those who are elderly, the number gets a lot smaller.  One in five elderly people who attempt suicide succeed.

Gender Doesn’t Matter

People of both genders have suicidal ideation; however, it isn’t always the same.  Women are more likely to feel suicidal and to try suicide.  Men are more likely to succeed in a suicide attempt though.  This doesn’t mean that both genders shouldn’t be taken seriously, as they can both commit suicide successfully.

Suicide Affects Other People

It shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise but hearing of a suicide in someone close can trigger depression or suicidal ideation in someone who already has depression.  Studies show that for every suicide, at least six people are affected intimately.

Leading Method Of Suicide

The leading method of suicide is with firearms.  Statistics show that between 50 and 60 percent of all suicides are committed with a firearm.  It is believed that more suicides are committed with firearms than homicides.  A large number of those suicides are by someone other than the registered gun owner.

There Are More Suicides Today

A lot of people think that with the changes in the world today that more people are likely suicidal than in the past.  This isn’t true, experts say that the number of suicides committed every year may have actually gone down.  In the past talking about suicide was taboo.  Now that it is more accepted, awareness has risen and more preventative measures have appeared.

Use this information to take on the world and maybe see those that you meet with a slightly different light.  I know that this week's topics were somewhat gloomy but they are important.  I promise to have more uplifting topics for you next week!

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