Summer Safety Tips for Officers

June 20, 2017

Summer Safety Tips for Officers

This week we are going to continue with the theme of safety.  In this article we will cover some officer safety tips for the summer.  Some of these will be all around good tips while others may focus on LEO personnel.  Here are the tips you need to make it through the summer.

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

Officer hydration is an important thing to keep in mind during the hotter months.  On average, you should be drinking between 10 and 15 glasses of water.  However, if you are having an active shift (or day) that number should increase.  Drinking at least 2 glasses of water an hour will help you stay on track.

On especially hot days of working outside of a patrol car, drink at least 5 liters of water.

Drinks such as water, tea, buttermilk, and other water based fluids are what you are looking to drink.  Energy drinks and coffee do not count. 

If you can, try to carry extra water in your patrol car.  This will help you should you come across someone who appears to be suffering from dehydration.  It can spare medics some time and help an extra person out.  The best place to store it is in the trunk so that it stays cooler.

Watch For Overheating

Wearing a bulletproof vest is a great way to overheat during the summer.  If you notice yourself starting to feel hot, feint, or tired, take a break from the heat and find a cooler place.  This might be your car, it could be a store, or your department.  The goal is not to get heat stroke or dehydration.

While you are in your cooler area try to drink a glass or two of your daily water allotment.

Have DEET Based Bug Repellent At Hand

During the summer months you never know where you might have to looking for someone, sometimes those areas include bug infested locations.  Try to keep DEET based bug repellant in the car to prevent from getting bitten.  This will keep you healthier and prevent pesky itches.

Bugs, such as mosquitos, can carry a wide variety of diseases that can lay you up for quite a while.  It is always best to avoid them.

Carry Sunglasses

The sun can be very bright during the summer and that can obstruct your view in a variety of situations.  It is always a good idea to have sunglasses with you to help you be able to maintain your vision.  Polarized sunglasses will help to provide extra protection from the glare of the sun.

Be sure to be conscious of how others will view you with your sunglasses on.  You might come across wrong so when interacting with people, try taking the shades off.

Protect From The Sun

Many people have adopted an attitude that sunburns are just a natural part of the summer, and while to some degree they are, you should avoid them.  Sunburns will cause pain, itching, and unusual appearance.  But more importantly, sunburns raise your chance of getting skin cancer.

Carrying around proper protection from the sun, such as a hat and sunscreen will help you to live a happier and healthier summer.

Change The Gym

Most officers engage in some form of physical fitness.  During the summer you should work out in the morning or afternoon in order to stay healthy and avoid the heat.  It also puts less stress on your body when you avoid the heat during exercise.  It might be harder to do this if you work third watch, but it will be easier for you during your shift too.

There are a lot of summer safety concerns out there.  These are only just a few of them.  We all know that the sun tens to make it a little bit more crazy, especially for the first month or so.  Stay safe and stay cool.

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