About Us

Our story is not "About Us"; it's about you and how we can serve you.

For many years, I worked for police departments with limited training budgets. So limited, in fact, that they often spent all their training and professional development budgets on getting new recruits through police academy training. That left little or no money for professional development for certified officers, Add to that the expenses associated with staying at hotels for extended periods of time, per diems for meals, parking, and incidentals, and exorbitantly high course tuition rates, and training for certified officers got pushed into the stratosphere, well out of reach of most police departments.

After receiving over 2,000 hours of training throughout my law enforcement career, I’ve learned that many of the training courses out there drag on needlessly in the interest of inflating tuitions for those that provide it. While this works great for the training provider, it pushes the training out of the realm of attainability for those that would otherwise attend.

You deserve better. That’s where APTI comes in.

Our affordable training is just $79 per seminar, held in one day. This makes it affordable to both the departments that want to add value to their officers through training and to the individual officer that wants to better themselves and their careers.

That’s the money side of what we do. That’s our “how”.

Far more important, here’s our “why”.

We provide our seminars so that you can be better at what you do and learn from the mistakes of the past. Philosopher George Santayana remarked that “those that fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.” Why do we teach leadership? Because my first lieutenant was an abusive, corrupt man, and I swore that if I ever became a lieutenant (which I did) I would do better. Why do we teach Criminal Investigations? Because one crook set free on an investigative technicality at trial is one too many. Why do we teach Interviews & Interrogations? Because one lie about the past that is believed to be the truth results in one too many crooks being set free. Why do we teach Narcotics & Vice Investigations? Because one deal gone bad can result in devastating or even fatal consequences.

We care deeply about your success. We come to you, where you are, so that we can connect with you and give you tools that add value to you and your career. Former Secretary of State Colin Powell noted that “mission” is a fine word, but the word “purpose” is far more powerful. We provide affordable training to law enforcement officers across the nation to make them and our shared profession better for all involved. That’s our purpose.

I’m so proud to be able to do what we do to support you in your law enforcement pursuits. It’s you, the law enforcement professional, that help make America the great nation is has been, is, and always will be.

Blaine Locklair, CEO