Why They Leave and What Will Make Them Stay


NEW! Online Course: Why They Leave and What Will Make Them Stay

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According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, over 37,000,000 people each year quit their jobs. With around 350,000,000 people in the US, that's about 10% of our workforce quitting their jobs every year. If 10% of the US population contracted a new illness, we'd call it an epidemic. We have what I like to refer to as a "quits" epidemic in the US. We are losing employees from our organizations in record numbers, and we've got to do something about it and turn the tide on this exodus of employees from our organizations.

This one-hour course is designed to help leaders, human resources specialists, hiring managers, and organizations around the world understand why employees are leaving their organizations. It is also designed to help all of them get a better understanding of what they can do to get great employees in their organizations to stay with them. Topics include:

  • * Why they are leaving

    * What things won't help keep them

    * What things will help keep them

    * What you can do to help

    These proven strategies can be taken back to your organization right away to make an immediate impact on employee retention. Join me as we go together through this journey of discovery that will help keep your best people where they belong - with you.

    Blaine Locklair, CEO